Born- January 10th, 1869

Died- December 16th, 1916

Quotation: ďGod has seen your tears and heard your prayers.  Fear not, the child will not dieĒ.


Grigori Rasputin was born at Pokrovskoye in Siberia on January 10th, 1869 (however the date has been questioned).  At age 18 he underwent a religious conversion and joined a sect known as the Khlysty, well known for their prolonged sexual activities to achieve spiritual enlightenment.  He was first summoned to the Royal Palace as a last resort to heal the Tsarís son Alexisí haemophilia.  Rasputin was able to stop the bleeding (many say through hypnosis), but from that act he was able to work his way into the lives of the Royal Family.  Controversy followed Rasputin, including the rumour of an affair with the Tsarina Alexandra and his growing influence in the lives of the Tsar Nicholas IIís family.  His enemies used these growing rumours to fuel hatred and eventually to plot his assassination.  On the night of December 16th, 1916, Prince Felix Yusupov invited Rasputin to dine at his home.  After a failed poisoning, Rasputin was shot multiple times and his body was thrown into the river Neva where he eventually drowned.

Historical Significance

Rasputin is remembered in history primarily as a manipulator of the Tsarís family.  His reputation as a mystic, a cunning manipulator, and even his sexual appetite are what historians often go to when discussing Grigori Rasputin.  The significance of Rasputin depended on who you asked.  The Russian Communist saw him as a sign of all that is evil with the old Russia, while the Peasants saw him as a hero of sorts.  Westerners often saw Grigori Rasputin as a symbol for the backwardness of Russia (and Europe itself) with its mysticism and superstition running rampant. 

Did you Know?  When Rasputinís body was being cremated he apparently sat up as if he was still alive.  The main theory to explain this is that the tendons were not properly cut, so as his body was burning they shrank and raised his body up to a seated position.  Or he raised himself from the dead, but thatís not the scientific answer.



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