Perhaps no term better captures the horror of World War I than that of No Man's Land, the forbidden turf between the opposing trenches.  In both myth and reality, it became a space in-between that was associated with the journeys from sanity to madness and from life to death.  A place of churning soil, singing bullets and suspended time, it exposed human vulnerability in the Machine Age.

On December 25, 1914, however, No Man's Land was briefly transformed into a meeting-ground for erstwhile foes.  German troops, used to celebrating Christmas on the evening of the 24th, had smuggled Tannenbaum trees into the trenches and serenaded their British counterparts with "Stille Nacht."  The next day, thousands of troops exchanged photographs and souvenirs; shared bully beef, cigarettes, jam, sausages, chocolate and alcohol; and engaged in other activities.  In a few places, soldiers who had been barbers in civilian life offered free haircuts to those on the other side.  A German juggler gave an impromptu performance.  There are accounts of soccer scrimmages, including one in which Saxons laughed uproariously when gusts of wind revealed that their Scottish opponents were clothed in their kilts alone, and one in which the ball deflated after catching on barbed wire.  There was even a joint memorial service with the bilingual saying of the 23rd Psalm as a prelude to the burial of those who had fallen earlier in No Man's Land.

Accounts of the significance of the Christmas Truce differ.  British soldier and war cartoonist Bruce Bairnsfather described it as "just like the interval between rounds in a friendly boxing match."  For Sherlock Holmes creator Arthur Conan Doyle, a father who lost his son to the fighting, the truce was "one human episode amid all the atrocities which have stained the memory of the war."  For a particular Austrian soldier billeted near the front lines, it was an abomination that "should not be allowed."  His name: Adolf Hitler.  In succeeding years, artillery bombardments were ordered by commanding officers on Christmas Eve.

The Primary Question

How much attention should historians pay to the Christmas Truce of 1914?  Can it be seen as a glimpse at a possible alternative world or is it better understood as a minor footnote in the Great War?


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