Anne Frank Center, USAAlso includes links to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and other associated museums.

   Anne Frank House :The former hiding place where Anne Frank wrote his diary is now a Dutch museum.

  Auschwitz: Inside The Nazi State.  The companion web-site to a major PBS series.

  Bonhoeffer -- Agent Of Change  :  The companion web-site to a 2001 PBS documentary about the German theologian and Nazi resister Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

  Daring To Resist -- 3 Women Face The Holocaust: The companion web-site for a documentary about three young female resisters.

  Elie Wiesel -- First Person Singular:  A companion web-site to the BBC documentary about the Romanian Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize winner.

   Fortunoff Video ArchiveSmall selections from the more than 4,000 video interviews with Holocaust survivors at Yale.

  Genocide Under The Nazis.  A BBC History site that includes an anthology of articles and other information.

   A History Of The HolocaustA collaborative project from students in the Genocide Studies class at Father Ryan High School in Nashville, Tennessee

The HolocaustDocuments relating to the Holocaust.

   Holocaust ChronicleThe on-line version of an 800-page encyclopedia published in 2000 by Publications International, Ltd.

   Holocaust/Genocide ProjectAn international high school project initiated by students at a Cold Spring Harbor High School in New York State.

   Holocaust On Trial: The companion web-site for a October 31, 2000 PBS documentary.

Holocaust -- What Was It?:  An extremely basic guide from the Children's BBC.

Jewish Holocaust 1933-1945 Documents and other resources organized by Dr. S.D. Stein of the University of the West of England.

   Learning About The Holocaust Through Art

Literature Of The Holocaust: A large anthology of Holocaust-related literature from Dr. Al Rilreis at the University of Pennsylvania.

Memory Of The Camps, Frontline:

Nazi Gold, Frontline:

  News Report, Trial of Adolph Eichmann, April 11, 1961:  A brief audio clip from the History Channel's Speech Archive.

   Primo Levi (1919-1987): An annotated bibliography of the famed author from the Guardian Unlimited.

Remembering The Holocaust: A series of well-chosen links.

Shtetl, Frontline:

Teacher's Guide To The Holocaust : An extremely valuable resource.  Some sub-sections of this site are also included below.

   Trial Of Adolf EichmannRecord of Proceedings in the District Court of Jerusalem.

Wannsee ConferenceIntroduction to and minutes from the 1942 meeting that set policies in place for the "Final Solution."

  :A comprehensive reference guide from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

   A powerful "cybrary" that includes art, poetry, photos, and testimony from witnesses and survivors.

  One section of the Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust.

  Detailed chronological information rather than a mere timeline.

   Another Holocaust chronology with accompanying text and photos.

   A series of Holocaust-related articles from BBC History.

   Essays and documents on the Holocaust, including an emphasis on refuting the Revisionists.

  Twenty-six Holocaust-related terms selected and described by Jonathan Wallace.

   An encylopedia introduction to the history of the Holocaust.

  A wealth of resources from the Washington, D.C. museum.

   A large a well-organized collection of photographs.

   Art, literature and music associated with the Holocaust.

   A virtual art exhibit from the Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art at Northwestern University.

  Stories from and information about Holocaust survivors.

: The actions of the Nazis' organized mobile band of killers.

   An excerpt from Daniel Goldhagen, Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust.

  :The official web-site of the Washington, D.C. museum.

  :  The state-sponsored Israeli Holocaust museum.

  :  The companion web-site to a documentary about German-Jewish refugee scholars who found new lives at the historically black colleges of the American South.

  : Holocaust links from Michigan State's H-Net.



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